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NotSocks Adult Insole Covers ONLY (3-Pack)

Smoke Black
Heather Gray
Do your insoles come out of your shoes? Perfect! Notsocks Insole Covers are exactly what you need. Just simply wrap our bamboo charcoal covers over your existing insoles and enjoy a fresher sockless lifestyle.
Fits Women's Size 5 to 14 & Men's Size 5 to 12
    • 3-Pack NotSocks insole covers only
    • Odor and Moisture Management
    • Bamboo /Charcoal fiber
    • Cut to Size Insoles Not Included

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benefits of notsocks bamboo charcoal

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Claudia Sims

Love them

patricia hinz

I already had 2 pair of these, that I forgot I had, give me a break I’m unwell ok! Lol, but I found them, immediately put them into my two new Frankie4 shoes, and wow! I straight away went searching for where I got them, yes again memory not great ok, found it and just received another three sets, so excited to put them in my slip on shoes, all my shoes!! They are an incredible idea, thank you!! Now I’m not a raving lunatic I have MS, so memory likes to play tricks on me sometimes lol 😂 5 stars

Jane Schmitz

These are awesome for when you don't want your socks to show. They are super comfy and easy to use. I highly recommend them.

Danielle Morrillo

I bought a pair the first time
But the diagram to cut it out was not right.

So I bought some more. Which was okay but it was still not the right cutting area.
Wish you could just buy the foot diagram.


The only issue I had was it was a little difficult to get the NotSocks over my orthotics (which are a bit larger than the regular shoe inserts), but it allows me to finally wear shoes without socks with the orthotics!