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Benefits of NotSocks Bamboo Charcoal

Benefits of NotSocks Bamboo Charcoal health includes:

  • Anti-bacterial properties; reduces risks of bacteria, infection and eliminates unpleasant foot odours.
  • Aids circulation; the charcoal textile assists with heat preservation and peripheral blood flow.
  • High absorbency and breathability; the ability to dry out or retain moisture depending on the humidity levels.
  • Hypo allergenic; the natural fibres are grown without pesticides, are gentle on the skin and reduce potential irritations or reactions.
  • Strength and durability; bamboo fibres are incredibility strong, colourfast, retain their shape, and won’t shrink in the wash.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable; bamboo is a rapidly growing plant with regenerative properties meaning less resources and chemicals are required to produce these high quality, biodegradable products.