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Do you wear the sock? 

Nope. NotSocks are designed to wrap around your shoe insole or around our provided cut to size insoles. You simply insert it inside of your shoes and stand on the socks. 

Why should I wear NotSocks? 

If you are already living a sockless lifestyle, going on vacation or beating the summer heat, or just simply don't like ankle socks and how they slip, Notsocks is for you.

Are NotSocks machine washable? 

Yes of course. Wash the sock insole covers like you would with normal clothes in a washing machine and dryer safe. You can simply rinse the cut to size insole itself under water with soap. Our bamboo and charcoal anti odor material will not wash away. 

What happens if I go sockless without NotSocks? 

Your shoes and feet will start to get an odor from all the sweat accumulating inside of your shoes. NotSocks absorbs your foot sweat and not your shoes. NotSocks also eliminates you wearing a "low cut sock" therefore the sock will not show at all.

What about the rest of your foot? 

90% of foot sweat and odor come from the bottom of the foot.

Are NotSocks made out of regular sock material? 

NotSocks are made of Bamboo fiber and treated with Charcoal which are both natural odor eaters that will keep your shoes and feet smelling fresh. 

Can I wear NotSocks more than once without washing them? 

Depending on your daily activities and depending on how much your feet sweat, you can usually wear them multiple times before washing them. We recommend washing every 7 days. 

How long do the socks last? 

Our NotSocks last as long as regular socks depending on your daily activities. 

Can I work for NotSocks? 

We have influencers all over the world. Simply click on the link below to become an influencer for NotSocks, create a profile and share your unique link on social media. Receive 10% of any sales that come through with your link.