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NotSocks™ Kiddies - Sockless Insole + Insole Cover Package

Smoke Black
Heather Gray

Go Sockless Odor Free For Kids!


Inner socks protect your feet and shoes from the odor that occurs when going sockless. (Think of them as socks but for your shoes)

Fits Sizes T5 to K2
  • Helps eliminate odors
  • Prevent that annoying sock-slip
  • Increase the lifespan of your shoes
  • Enhance comfort since they are made from bamboo & activated charcoal - softer than cotton
  • Wear up to 7 days between washing 

What You Get:

  • Two Pair Of Cut To Size Insoles (Limited Time Only) Size T5 to K2 
  • One Pair Of Bamboo /Charcoal Odor Eating NotSocks™ Insole Covers That Can Be Worn Multiple Times Between Washing! (Wash once per week recommended) 


Ships from our facility in Utah.
Please allow 24 hours processing time and 4 business days to your door anywhere in the U.S.


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Customer Reviews

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Kind of a disappointment...

My son immediately took them out because he could feel where the sock's opening was bumping through the underneath of the sole. Kind of like a princess and the pea situation. But I bought four of them and now I have to figure out how to use them...