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Our Story

Designed and Invented by Professional BMX Rider and Musician Kenny Sanders.

Our story starts out with Kenny Sanders at a young age. Going sockless came naturally to Kenny, with his easygoing laid-back style he never found the use for socks. He would wake up, slip on his shoes and be out and about riding his bike and pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

After his athletic aspirations came true Kenny maintained his sockless lifestyle. As time went on he couldn’t help but notice that his feet would sweat so much that they would ruin his shoes and also cause his feet to have an embarrassing odor.

Kenny began to experiment with all sorts of anti odor treatments such as sprays, baby powders, leaving his shoes outside to air etc. He even tried wearing no-show socks but found them incredibly uncomfortable because they would constantly slip under his heel throughout the day.  Nothing seemed to work; eventually the sweat took a toll on his feet and shoes.

In 2010 a brilliant idea popped into Kenny’s head as he was cleaning his sweat-drenched shoes. He popped out the inner footbed of his shoe to see if he could wrap a sock around it somehow. It didn’t quite fit. So what did Kenny do?

He marched right into a sewing shop and purchased a sewing machine. Did he know how to sew? NO. After a few pricked fingers Kenny managed to somewhat sew fabric around a foot bed to catch the sweat at the bottom of his feet and prevent it from getting into his shoes.

Of course he ran into more problems like, how to take the fabric off to wash it, and finding the right kind of fabric that is breathable and durable. That’s the thing with great ideas; they need a lot of fine-tuning to be truly great in the long run.

Long story short, three years later, after a few trips out of the country, and after finding the right investor. Kenny and his team found the perfect blend of bamboo and charcoal odor/sweat absorbing fabric.

A bamboo and charcoal fabric sock that wraps around a cut to size foam footbed provided Kenny with a sockless solution. Notsocks was created. It is functional, elegant, and stylish. Our main focus now is to share Notsocks with the world.