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I love my NotSocks! I have been wearing them for about a week now and have been very pleased. Thanks for making such an innovative and effective product! I will definitely purchase more in the future! - Sandra Labrum

I bought four sets of these for my daughter because her feet sometimes stink.  I think it's because she never wears socks in her shoes.  When the package arrived she called me immediately and said she LOVES THEM!  I was told I could give them to her for her birthday and Christmas from now on (she has lots of shoes).  She mentioned how SOFT they were and that she just adored them! - Mindy 

They're awesome.  Exactly what I expected!  Excellent idea, keep up the good work. - Suzie Swim  

I am pleasantly surprised how much I love this product! I am a fan and have told all my friends about them. - Wayne and Mary Huntington

I actually love them and will most likely be getting more. Have also recommended them to others. The sock is a little small for the foot insert but as I insert my foot and put it in it doesn't bend. Anyways...congrats on the great product. I love it. - Jason Mandelaris